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The Dursley Railway

The Dursley Railway

The History of a Gloucestershire Branch Line (1856 - 1970)

By Peter Morris

The Dursley Railway was a short branch line that served the town of Dursley and the villages of Cam and Coaley for over 100 years.

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Sirius by M Temple Richmond Cover


A Scholarly Study of the Star Sirius

By Maureen Temple Richmond

A scholarly study, Sirius by M. Temple Richmond has become an esoteric classic among students of Alice Bailey, Theosophy, esoteric astrology, fixed stars, and Freemasonry since its first publication in the late 1990s.

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Inner Doorways, Outer Realms- A Life of Magick Amazon Cover

Inner Doorways, Outer Realms (Book 1)

A Life of Magick

By Peter J Morris

Inner Doorways, Outer Realms - Book 1: A Life of Magick is the true story of the author's spiritual journey at the hand of unseen forces.

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The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur Amazon Cover

The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Engage With the Universe and Manifest Your Dreams

By Peter J Morris

Leveraging the power that can be found within us and connecting to the dynamic Universal energy that exists around us all the secrets to wealth, abundance and success reveal themselves in extra-ordinary ways.

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Diary of a Common Soldier Amazon Cover

Diary of a Common Soldier

Secret Journals of a World War II Rifleman

By F R MacMillan

In June 1941, 'Mac' McMillan then aged 27, left his job as a baker's roundsman and was drafted into the B Company of the 9th Battalion of the Rifle Brigade.

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Work, Career and Destiny in the Tarot Amazon Cover

Work, Career & Destiny in the Tarot

Discover Your Personal & Professional Life Path

By Peter J Morris

The secret to building a successful and creatively satisfying career is to align it with your true destiny path - the real reason you are here. Then, and only then, will you be truly happy and able to open up to the power that your Soul has to offer.

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The Power of the Ankh by Peter J Morris Cover

The Power of the Ankh

How to Use the Ancient Symbol of Life to Transform Your Wealth, Health and Destiny


From the Ancient Egyptians through to the 19th century mystics and 20th century hippies, the Ankh has been revered as a powerful bringer of abundant life and fortune. But what powers does the Ankh really hold?

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Tarot Revelations Amazon Cover

Tarot Revelations

Practical Tips and Professional Insights

By Peter J Morris

Tarot Revelations is a collection of Tarot card reading hints, tips and insights including commentaries and stories from the pen of an ex-pro Tarot consultant.

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Tarot For Profit Amazon Cover

Tarot For Profit

Earn a Regular Income From Tarot Card Reading

By Peter J Morris

Professional Tarot card reading offers you a wonderful opportunity to run a small business from the comfort of your own home or small office with few overheads. It requires little money to set up and can grow to almost any size.

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