Inner Doorways, Outer Realms – Book 1

The story weaves its way through the events of Peter’s early life. He describes his first meeting with, and later psychic training at the hands of, an other-worldly guide. He recounts his numerous strange experiences as a child—experiences that included ghost sightings, nightly visitations from lights in the sky, chats with the dead and much more.

Peter then moves on to describe his adult life of working with the nature spirits in his self-sufficiency work and the magickal and fantastical results of his efforts.

This book covers such topics as Aleister Crowley and Thelemic Magick, ghosts and disincarnate spirits. The author also provides some background to Astral Travel and the nature and mysteries of our inner worlds.

This engaging, heart-warming, sometimes comical, and often tragic memoir reveals Peter’s intense passion to re-ignite the magickal contact that mankind once enjoyed with the devas of the land (more commonly known as the fairy folk).

Book 2 (which is due for release in December 2016) will continue the story as it moves into the even stranger and more challenging world of UFOs and extra-terrestrial contact.


  1. Author

    “Loved it, especially the part about the Potato King and the gnomes and fairies in his garden 🙂 Look forward to Book 2.”

  2. Author

    “I must say, that this is the first book out of 200 kindle books that I have read in such a short time. Couldn’t put it down, just ask my girlfriend :)”

    “Loved the way Peter writes and how he takes the time to tell it with details and continues where he left in the foregoing chapters. What an exciting life. I have learned a lot about the world behind the veil and now I want to understand and learn more about astral travels.”

    “I am really looking forward to reading book 2, which according to Peter will be out later in 2017.”

    “Do yourself a favor and read this most adventurous and exciting story about Peters life and experiences with everything from the potato king to help from fairies.”

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