The Power of the Ankh

The Ankh has long-since been revered as a powerful bringer of wealth and good-fortune. As far back as the time of the Ancient Egyptians it was known to be a powerful occult tool—one used in magickal ceremonies, healing practices and secret initiatioms.

What exactly are the ancient mystical secrets that the Ankh conceals and how can you access them to improve your life?

In The Power of the Ankh, author Peter J. Morris explores the mystical and metaphysical power hidden behind this cryptic and often misunderstood symbol.

After tracing the Ankh’s history—from ancient civilizations through to 20th-century youth counter-cultures—the author explores its application in a variety of magickal and spiritual practices. This includes a step-by-step guide to using an Ankh to connect to Universal Energy and as a tool for transforming every aspect of your life.

Performing the exercises in this book will help you to:
• Receive spiritual guidance from your Higher Self or Guardian Angel
• Enhance the flow of creative energies into your life
• Improve your overall physical health and well-being
• Strengthen your psychic health
• Protect yourself from negative astral energies
• Attract more abundance into your life
• Manifest your personal/professional goals


  1. Author

    “This was an intelligent and concise description of a powerful tool. I’m presently studying the mysteries it conceals. I recommend anyone who is curious, give this book and others a glance into the pure sciences of life.”

  2. Author

    “Could not put this book down , and finished it within the hour. I found this book to be very informative and we’ll written. The author and I clearly share a deep passion in the discovery of hidden spiritual knowledge.”

  3. Author

    “I gave this book a 5 star rating because of how it was written and presented. I really learned a lot about the Ankh. I wished it would have been longer. I recommend this book to all who are desiring to understand the meaning of the Ankh.”

  4. Author

    “Intriguing and thought provoking. There is a growing realization that all systems of energy and religion come from a singular unifying source and this book puts focus on that and the inherent power of each individual. Many systems of energy work can cause harm to those who are not properly initiated… I tend to always augment practices to suit what feels natural to my personal experience with the energy in session and this is sometimes frowned upon. Ankh work provides a level of protection that is intrinsic to the practice. and as mentioned by the author I am drawn to this symbol for some time through various subculture movements. This book has added a layer of truth that I can now not unsee.”

  5. Author

    “Five Stars. I chose this rating because this book not only informed me what the meaning of this popular spiritual symbol means but it also took me on a trip in my mind from just looking at is as a mystery symbol and not knowing much about it to in unearthing the many ways how to use this spiritual tool and the effects of using it properly. I definitely would and will recommend many other to read this book to clarify their interests in this powerful symbol the ankh.”

  6. Author

    “It covers a lot of of the legend and myth that surrounds the ankh with a healthy dose of metaphysical theories and quantum physics thrown in. There are good exercises to help with visualization and working on an astral form of an ankh. It’s short and sweet. I enjoyed it and it left me feeling like I just need to trust my instincts more about this ancient power symbol.”

  7. Author

    “This book was fabulous and opened my eyes to why I have been reading nothing but Egyptian novels recently, unreal”

  8. Author

    “A beautiful gateway into the knowledge of the Ankh. If I could give this book more stars I would. It will keep me busy for quite awhile. Thank you”

  9. Author

    “The Power of the Ankh: How to Use the Ancient Symbol of Life to Transform Your Wealth, Health and Destiny is a great book and I enjoyed reading it.”

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