This limited understanding of what the Tarot can do has changed greatly over recent decades and with it the role of Tarot card reading has altered dramatically.

There are many ways you can use the Tarot. Below are just twelve of them to help you get started:

Tarot Use 1: Revealing the Past

The Tarot has the ability to identify past events or circumstances that contributed to a current issue – such as a decision you made or events and relationships you experienced.

It can be very useful to be able to identify what caused the problems you are experiencing. After-all, it is said that identifying the cause is often half the cure.

Tarot Use 2: Revealing the Present

Using the Tarot to reveal present circumstances may seem a rather odd thing to do. However, very few people have a completely clear perspective on why things are happening to them the way they are.

The Tarot can offer you a broader picture of a whole range of factors and circumstances surrounding an issue.

Often, it is only possible to understand what is happening in your life by thoroughly examining what brought you to this point. From here, it is easier to alter the course you are on and prevent yourself from making the same mistakes twice.

Tarot Use 3: Revealing The Future

The Tarot is well-known for its ability to reveal many future conditions and the potential outcomes of different choices. This is what the majority of people consider to be the most powerful aspect to the Tarot.

However, there are an infinite number of futures available. At any time, you are free to choose whichever path, or paths, you like. Free-will is an inherent part of the human psyche.

The Tarot offers you the tools to understand the outcome of any decision(s) you may, or may not, make. And so steer your way through the jungle of life.

Tarot Use 4: Understanding Cause and Effect

If you want to avoid repeating past mistakes and break the circumstances which lead to an issue, it is important to identify the specific factors that caused you to make the decisions you do.

Using the perspective the Tarot offers, you can identify the underlying cause and effect that created any problem in the first place.

Tarot Use 5: Revealing Psychological Processes

On a more personal level, the Tarot can reveal your psychological dynamics. It can identify the archetypal patterns residing inside you or your client at an unconscious level, as well as any emotional blockages that exist which may be curbing access to your happiness and personal creative potential.

Tarot Use 6: Revealing Personal Creative Power

The Tarot can identify the massive potential that is available to you. It can show you how to release and express that latent energy and the correct processes for you to maximize your life’s work.

Tarot Use 7: Signposts and Obstacles in Life

You have possibly wished at some point in your life to know just would happen if you made one decision compared with another. The Tarot gives you this ability. This means that you can avoid those “Oh, I wish I'd known that…” moments.

Tarot Use 8: The Potential Effects of the Law of Karma

Karma plays a greater role in your life than you possibly realize. Everything you do, or have ever done, carries a Karmic debt. This can be either positive or negative.

You may not realize it, but the accumulated weight of your previous decisions greatly impacts your choices and opportunities in any lifetime. The Tarot can reveal the karmic consequences of taking …or not taking... a course of action.

Tarot Use 9: Core Spiritual Beliefs

Spirituality holds meaning to us all. Everyone has a spiritual aspect to their nature. It is just not necessary to sit in deep meditation for it to reveal itself.

Spirit expresses itself in many different ways and the Tarot has the capacity to identify it and how it is trying to manifest in your life.

Tarot Use 10: Health and Well-Being

From the Ten of Swords to the Ten of Cups, the Tarot can be your own health Guru and can identify health issues in a clear and unambiguous way.

More than this, the Tarot can identify blockages in a person’s aura, allowing them to be diagnosed as trapped energy (and dealt with) long before it manifests as a serious illness.

Tarot Use 11: Money and Finances

Money is such an integral part of life that our ability to live healthily, spiritually, dynamically or creatively is dependent upon our financial resources.

The more money you have, the more you can live life!

There is, in the suit of Disks (pentacles), a whole section of the Tarot devoted to this very subject.

Tarot Use 12: Family, Friends and Relationships

Life is full of personal connections. People and relationships form an essential part of the matrix of living as human beings. Some relationships are intense. Others are transitory. Nevertheless, they all have a purpose to fulfill in our lives.

Relationships can go wrong. They become strained or create additional challenges. The Tarot, being the great problem-solver that it is, has the capability to help you identify underlying dynamics to all your personal connections and can steer you towards more rewarding relationships.

So, as you can see, the Tarot is much more than just a fortune-telling tool. It can help you in so many different aspects of your life.

This is why I love the Tarot: its ability to be both practical and mundane as well as spiritual and psychological in its uses. Whether they are spiritual, emotional, psychological or mundane in nature.