Diary of a Common Soldier - taken from the author's private war-time diary, is a fascinating personal account of one soldier's experiences whilst frighting in North Africa and the Middle East during World War Two.

What customers have said...

'How could anybody keep a sense of perspective and a sense of humour in such circumstances? Yet this book - an illegal diary for which he could have been severely disciplined by the army - shows that he did just that.' - Mr D. McMillan

'Well worth the read and enlightening to a generation that has no idea of what a soldiers life is like.' - JR

'Read what the soldiers daily life was really like & his longing to get home to his loved ones. Very good account of the frustration of army life.' - Amazon Customer

'Excellent book - a real life diary of a real man. Gives a real insight into the mind of a common soldier.' - Glend5