Ankh: The Mystical Key to Your Sacred Contract

Understanding the terms of your sacred contract is a powerful way of assessing your life path.

Before we are born into this physical life, each of us spends a little time deciding what we are going to do with ourselves in the lifetime to come. This process is commonly known as creating your Sacred Contract.

Depending upon our Karma, specific interests, natural skills and level of spiritual awareness, we formulate a personalized plan, strategy or tactic for our coming life on Earth.

Heavenly Agreements

This agreement is a type of promissory note in which we pledge that, once down here in our earthly existence, we will dedicate our life towards the fulfillment of specific goals and aims.

What exactly is a sacred contract and how do we discover what it contains?

Free Will vs Destiny

The contract that we make is effectively an agreement between our mundane selves, our Higher Selves and the Universe.

It establishes specific circumstances, challenges and opportunities in our life—both good and bad—that have the specific task of helping us strengthen and grow as spiritual beings.

Whether we, as human beings, live lives that have been pre-ordained or if we pass through it completely exercising total free-will is the subject of many philosophical debates.

For most of us, the truth is somewhere between these two opposing poles. Whilse we enter life somewhat free to do as we choose, every decision that we make should be with reference to our previously defined contractual agreements.

All Contractual Parties

During our lives, our higher consciousnesses work hard behind the scenes to aid us in fulfilling the agreement that we made to it in a pre-natal state. It is able to steer and guide us in specific ways because it has a deeper understanding of the terms and conditions that we contracted to fulfill.

That’s all well and good but how do we know whether the decisions and choices that we are making in life are actually in keeping with the agreements that we made previously?

The short answer to this is that, in most cases, we simply do not know what we are obligated to do since our Sacred Contract remains illusive to us.

In reality, most people alive today do not even know that they have a contract!

While most of us are generally unaware of this higher aspect of ourselves and the important part that it plays in keeping us on track to fulfill our spiritual destinies, it can appear to us in dreams or when we meditate. It often also speaks to us through our intuitive moments and during the odd flash of inspiration or creativity. However, for the most part, it leaves us alone to get on with things, acting in terms not dissimilar to the role of a line prompter in a dramatic production.

Contacting Your Higher Self

Imagine how much easier life would be if we could converse directly with our Higher Selves and to understand what circumstances form our life destiny. It would be so useful to be able to contact that all-knowing aspect of ourselves for help and guidance during those times of difficulty and challenge.

Although our Higher Selves are generally out-of-bounds, there are a few ways to approach the task of making contact with its wisdom—some easier than others.

In this regard, I am reminded of the medieval manuscript, know as ‘The Book of Abramelin’.

It tells the story of an Egyptian mage called Abramelin who taught a system of magic to a German Jew called Abraham of Worms. The esoteric text describes a complex magical ritual that enables the practitioner to obtain ‘knowledge and conversation’ with their Guardian Angel.

The actual method, as outlined by Abramelin, is complex, challenging and extensive—so much so in fact that it generally takes 18 months to initiate that first all-important contact during which time the initiate must pray twice a day— once at sunrise and once at sunset—observe chastity, avoid alcohol and maintain the highest personal morals throughout.

Just the work involved in fulfilling exactly the right ritual environment to carry out this ritual is enough to put most sane people off attempting it. Indeed, it is not a process many would feel comfortable with in this day and age.

Following the outlines of the Abramelin ritual from the translation by McGregor Mathers, the Magus Aleister Crowley did successfully conduct this ritual. He made contact with his Higher Self for three days whilst on holiday in Cairo in 1904. The result was the channelling of the primary Thelemic text ‘The Book of the Law’.

This is just one approach to revealing the true meaning of your destiny. There is, however, a much easier technique for making contact with your Higher Self that has gone unknown for many years.

Fulfilling Your Sacred Contract

While negotiating our Sacred Contracts in our pre-natal state with our Higher Selves, we are given a specific spiritual code, key or tool. This glyph is then seeded into our unconscious mind, where it lays dormant, waiting for that day when it is activated.

The function of this key is simple: it helps us unlock and reveal the mysteries of our Sacred Contract in terms that we can understand and use on a daily basis.

The form that this activation key takes varies within all of us. There is not a ‘one-key-fits-them-all’ situation here for each key that we have—and very often there are two or three that we can use—is different depending upon our personal circumstances.

Whilst our Sacred Contract is unique to each of us, it is not uncommon to find groups of friends or acquaintances within our lives that carry similar Sacred Contract keys. Where we meet Soul Mates in this lifetime there is some degree of certainty that each party has similar key dynamics designed to unlock similar circumstances and conditions in their lives.

The Ankh: Sacred Key to the Mysteries

Although our personal symbol is unique to each of us, there is a Master Key that can help us tap into our Higher Power and to prompt our Souls to reveal the nature and meaning of our Sacred Contracts.

This Universal symbol is called the ‘Ankh’ and it holds the secret to opening the channels between our physical and mundane consciousness and the all-knowing aspect of our Higher Natures.

The Ankh is a simple symbol which, when applied in the right way, can help you to access those codes that are fused into your psycho-spiritual centers and which govern your spiritual growth and direction.

In my book, The Power of the Ankh: Transform Your Health, Wealth and Destiny, I reveal the secrets that govern this mysterious glyph and demonstrate its ability to unlock various important aspects of your Sacred Contract in greater depth than time would allow in this short article.

However, it could be that, with a calling toward this particular symbol, you can begin the process of linking your mundane daily consciousness with your Higher Self by infusing its wisdom into your daily life.

Indeed, I have come across many examples of people whose lives have changed quite dramatically as a result of coming into closer alignment with their Higher Selves and a closer understanding of their own Sacred Contract and the commitments that they made to fulfill their innate spiritual heritage and destiny.

Further Reading

  • Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage by S L MacGregor
  • The Book of the Law: Liber Al Vel Legis by Aleister Crowley
  • The Power of the Ankh by Peter J Morris