Tarot Revelations

Practical Tips and Professional Insights

Author: Peter Morris | Format(s): eBook | Published: 9 February 2012 | ISBN: 978-1-909370-01-2

Tarot Revelations: Practical Tips and Professional Insights by Peter J Morris book cover

Fill in the gaps in your Tarot knowledge with information and tips about everything from shuffling and preparing a spread through to integrating other disciplines, including astrology and psychology, into your Tarot interpretation.

Tarot Revelations will not teach you standard everyday Tarot card definitions. Instead, it will fill in the gaps and explain how cards relate to other disaplines such as psychology and astrology to deepen your understanding of what this incredible fortune-telling and self-development tool is trying to tell you.

‘Tarot Revelations’ is a collection of Tarot card reading hints, tips and insights including commentaries and stories from the pen of an ex-pro Tarot consultant.

Learning the basics of Tarot card reading can be done in a couple of months or less. All you need is a tarot deck that works for you, a good book and the commitment to see the process through.

What is harder though is learning the subtler nuances of the cards and this can take years.

In fact, it is a process that never truly ends. ‘Tarot Revelations’ is a collection of questions, hints, tips and insights into the Tarot that will deepen your understanding of this versatile divination system. From answering basic questions about what the Tarot is and how it works through to advice on choosing the right deck, this book covers secrets about the cards that most other Tarot books never touch upon. In this insightful manual, ex-pro Tarot consultant Peter J Morris explores the powerful connections between cards, the hidden issues that card combinations reveal as well as teaching you how to use this knowledge to enrich your Tarot readings.

The book explores Tarot spreads at a practical level. This includes tips on shuffling, which many beginners overlook the importance of, and the techniques you can use to select the cards for your question (whether it’s a single card spread or a 78-card masterpiece). From Beginner to Tarot Expert Every insight contained within this manual has been drawn from the author’s 30+ years study of the Tarot divination system. The tips are interspersed with anecdotes drawn from his many years working with this powerful divinational, developmental and, ultimately, magickal tool.

In the final sections of his book, Peter J Morris takes Tarot card understanding to a new level by revealing how you can integrate other spiritual philosophies – including psychology, astrology and Kabbalah, as a way of turbocharging your Tarot consultations.

Whether you are a novice, starting out with your first deck of tarot cards, or a long-time reader, seeking to expand your esoteric understanding of the cards, The Tarot Chronicles has something to offer you.

Customer Endorsements

“Best tarot book I’ve come across thus far! I’m sure I will be rereading it soon; there’s so much info.” — Kindle Customer

“Went much deeper and further than expected. If you are serious about the Tarot, buy this book. Period.” — Serendipity

“This book is practical, easy to follow, and quick to read. Probably only book that focuses on career readings using tarot and numerology.” — Amazon Customer

“Let me just say from the start that I really enjoyed reading this book. I’m an aspiring Tarot reading professional and was thrilled to have stumbled upon this. I also purchased Peter’s other ebook, “Tarot for Profit”. Another winner, in my opinion.” — Alanta (Amazon.com Customer)

“Five Stars — Very useful” — Debra Wrighton

“Best Book on Tarot I’m an astrologer and use the Tarot as an adjunct divinatory system. While this book doesn’t explicate the mechanics, it supplies other far more valuable ‘back-information’ I wish I’d learned when I first began working with it decades ago. Thanks, Peter. EXCELLENT book!” — Kat Starwolf

About the Author

Photo of author Peter J Morris

Peter J Morris has studied metaphysics, the occult and the Tarot for over 35 years.He has written articles on the occult and paranormal for Gloucestershire Earth Mysteries/3rd Stone and Un-X Magazine. …

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