• Author: Maureen Temple Richmond
  • Published: 3 April 2016 (first published 10 April 1997)
Sirius by Maureen Temple Richmond book cover

Astrologer M. Temple Richmond's Sirius offers a fresh look at the spiritual significance and astrological influence of this important and widely recognized fixed star.

Drawing from the literature of the Ageless Wisdom tradition, the text demonstrates that Sirius:

•Radiates the qualities of universal love and intuition
•Functions as part of a vast cosmic heart center
•Is linked with universal and cosmic principles, such as the Laws of Karma and Periodicity
•Is the Great Star of Initiation, the origin of Hierarchy, and the home of the Masonic Tradition
•Manifests as the Principle of Freedom
•Reveals the distinction between good and evil through divine discriminating conscience
•Enhances the server's ability to cooperate with Hierarchy and the Plan
•Acts through an intricate system of astrological intermediaries

The text concludes with a meditation on Sirian qualities and a comprehensive glossary of esoteric terms. Astrologers, Masons, Theosophists, and enthusiasts of the Alice Bailey literature will all delight in the revelations to be found in Sirius.


“Phenomenal grasp of metaphysical concepts and exhaustive detail. After reading Maureen Richmond's tour d'force, it's hard to imagine what more there is to know about Sirius, the great star said to be the Sun behind our local Sun/star. Highly recommend for serious metaphysicians. As a soul coach and shamanic astrologer, I find this book invaluable.” — Jo Garceau

“You can’t go wrong with Maureen Richmond for a book on esoteric wisdom and astrology, and this book is possibly the only work of this magnitude, characterized by masterful writing, intellectual refinement, and in-depth expertise, on the topic of Sirius. This book is a masterfully written classic; a relevant treatise on Sirius vis à vis esoteric astrology.” — informed_shopper

“Just what I was looking for! Deep esoteric and theosophical writing aling the same vein as Alice Bailey and DK.” — Maura E. Burns

“Five Stars. A really good informative and helpful read.” — Maxine Durham